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Project Description

Patients First – BrainStation Project




Project developed as part of the User Experience Diploma Bootcamp at BrainStation.


Patients First is a government led initiative aimed at improving healthcare for patients. The initiative aims to place people and patients at the centre of healthcare by more deeply understanding patient needs and experiences, while improving patient outcomes.

As a recently hired User experience designer and researcher by Patients First I needed to find a solution to improve access to healthcare services in Canada.



Task Flow Diagram

Core Epic User Stories


Using an UI inspiration board and a task flow diagram, I started sketching interface elements and exploring some ideas that capture the chosen tasks. Then, I created a paper prototype using the Marvel Pop App and proceed to the first round of usability tests.

Paper Prototype


The first round of testing allowed me to recognize and learn from the testers some usability issues that were implemented and later tested in a second round. I needed to make some design changes that brought some improvements to the user experience, such as: Replace ambiguous signifiers, reformat rating chips, update sort by options, and other.

Invision Prototype


User Scenario

The following scenario was given to testers to help them understand the tasks better in a context:

“You are searching for a family physician and you asked your friends and family for advice. Two friends recommended Dr. Michelle Smith whose office is located very close to your place. You learned about a new app that allows Canada residents to easily search for family doctors. You decided to download the app and are going to search for Dr. Michelle to read the most recent reviews about her and make a more informed decision. You like her rating and reviews and decide you are going to consider her as an option to be your family physician and you add her to your favourite doctors list.”

Test Findings

Mapping Usability Issues


The second round of user testing helped us to validate some implementations we made based on the insights from the first round. This time all the testers could complete successfully all the tasks and they confirmed we removed most of the ambiguous signifiers, except for the “heart”, and they also confirmed the fluidity of the task flow. This second usability testing provided us with more feedback related to icon recognizability and other problems we needed to refine and get more insight about before making final adjustments. As no major issues were identified, we translated our testing findings into the following final prototype:

Invision Prototype