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Project Description




OBJECTIVE: Create a City Brand Booklet about Natal (Brazil) promoting an specific characteristic of the city. This City Booklet must arise interest among the targeted audience via creative visual methods and shows the personality of the city that the client wants to promote.

The Booklet is about craftwork made by artisans from Natal and its main goal is to evoke the idea of “handicraft as art”. The brochure consists on a series of 10 pages showing this aspect about Natal which has a very unique handicraft, especially because the city is located between beautiful beaches landscapes and semi arid regions, what makes its local artists inspired by both ecosystems and also by the different way of life in both environments. The catalog presents a campaign called “ArtNatal: handicraft as art”  whose slogan is “There is much more about Natal than its beautiful sky and nature.”  By leafing through the catalog you can appreciate a variety of craft works shown as art pieces that carry meaning, design and culture – not only just as beautiful souvenir for tourists.


Inspirations and Design Concept

The booklet creates an art gallery atmosphere for appreciation of the craft works, the pieces shapes and materials. The main idea is to focus on the art pieces and the more common materials (backgrounds) used by the artisans in Natal. By showing the handicrafts as art pieces and telling the meaning of them and how they express Natal’s culture, the message the booklet wants to evoke is that handicrafts can be very peculiar and unique and also that they carry values, traditions, culture and interesting aspects of the place.

Thumbnails Sketches

Design Choices: Moodboard